How to Donate to Paws of the North Rescue

On behalf of Paws of the North Rescue, Backwoods Dog is now accepting your USED or UNWANTED PET GEAR.

It is Paws of the North's mission to work ethically with Northern Ontario First Nation community members and their dogs. The communities they assist are remote and isolated. They typically do not have regular shipments of canine supplies and food, nor do they have access to veterinary care for their furry family members. These communities often face difficult decisions about the dogs of their community.

We are here to support Paws of the North Rescue, these First Nations Communities and their dogs in need. Here's how you can help: 

You can contribute by mailing your unwanted dog gear to us at: 1324 Yearley Road, Sprucedale, Ontario, Canada, P0A 1Y0.

Don't worry if the gear isn't perfect. Our Team will clean and repair (if possible) the gear that we receive, before delivering it to Paws of the North Rescue. 

If you have any questions, or want to learn more about Paws of the North Rescue and their great cause, feel free to email us at:


Thank you for your support & contribution!

Sean & Amanda Morrison

Paws of the North Rescue

Our mission is to assist isolated northern communities with animal wellness care, spay & neuter programs, supplies & food and rehoming program. 

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