Our Story

Backwoods Dog was born out of our passion for our dogs and a desire to build a family business that could help fulfill a need for truly durable dog gear.

Our goal is to provide other pack leaders, such as yourself, with some of the best quality, rugged gear for your adventurous, free-spirited dogs. Having the right gear is key to a successful adventure for both canine and human.

We are delighted to bring our passion to life with our very own line of Backwoods Dog handmade BioThane products.

Backwoods Dog is run by Sean & Amanda Morrison, a husband-and-wife team. We are proud Canadians who are happy to be able to supply locally made dog gear.

If you are a retailer looking for wholesale, visit our Wholesale page.

Meet the Backwoods Dog Pack

You may recognize these canine faces from our product pages and our social media! Our passion for our dogs is what grew an idea into a business manufacturing rugged, durable dog gear! We wouldn't be here today without these integral members of our family.

Backwoods Dog Bo


DOB: June 25, 2010 - April 2, 2023

Bo was almost 13 when he passed. His last year of life, we took him on an epic trip across Canada. Bo climbed mountains, swam in glacial rivers, and maintained his feisty spirit for life. He was a labraheeler who loved balls, sticks, swimming with balls and sticks, & snuggles with mom and dad most of all.

Backwoods Dog Luna


DOB: April 17, 2013

Our Alaskan husky girl is a free-spirited, lovable, adventurous, wild thing. She is mama's special girl who loves the snow and goes crazy for treats!

Backwoods Dog Fynn


DOB: September 23, 2015

Fynn is our grumpy teddy. He's a pure-bred mutt who is daddy's boy to a fault. But he's really a sweetheart who loves adventures and is really camera shy!

Backwoods Dog Chucky


September 23, 2015 - February 1, 2022

Although he is gone from us, it wouldn't be right not to include him—blood brother of Fynn—he was a huge part of our pack, and our inspiration for Backwoods Dog. He was my bikejoring sidekick, with endless energy and love for mama.