Our Story

Backwoods Dogs

We believe that true happiness comes with doing what you love.

Backwoods Dog was born out of our passion for our pack and a desire to build a family business that could help fulfill a market that we found lacking.

Truthfully, having four dogs in our pack can be chaotic at times. It brings with it some unique challenges, traveling with four rowdy mutts being one of them. Finding reliable gear that keeps everyone safe on our adventures has always been a priority for us, because we love to camp, hike, and get lost in the woods with our pack. But living in a small, rural community made it hard to get access to the type of dog gear we were looking for.

Our dogs are not fancy, city-strutting mutts. They are rugged, backwoods hooligans who sometimes break out in random howl sessions that sound like a pack of demented wolves. In their blood is the need for adventure. The call of the wild speaks to their canine souls. They are messy, dirt-digging, silly, protective, and loving companions—and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Our goal is to provide other pack leaders, such as yourself, with some of the best quality, rugged gear for your adventurous, free-spirited dogs. Having the right gear is key to a successful adventure for both canine and human.

We are delighted to bring our passion to life with our new line of Backwoods Dog Made-In-Canada handmade items, such as our Biothane Collars and Leasheshand-woven paracord leashes, Hand-woven Paracord Collars and handmade bandanas.

Backwoods Dog is run by Sean & Amanda Morrison, a husband and wife team. We are proud Canadians who are happy to be able to supply North American products that stand the test in quality and ruggedness. 

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