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Backwoods Dog

FIDLOCK V-Buckle Collar

FIDLOCK V-Buckle Collar

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Backwoods Dog BioThane FIDLOCK V-Buckle Waterproof Collar

The rugged durability of waterproof BioThane meets revolutionary design with FIDLOCK magnetic V-Buckle closure system. Backwoods Dog BioThane collars are made with genuine 520 BioThane webbing, a PVC-coated material that is waterproof, won’t hold odours, is easy to wash and maintain, and performs even in cold climates.

Self-securing magnetic FIDLOCK V-Buckles feature a truly unique design in both form and functionality. The heavier the load the V-Buckle is sustaining, the harder it is to open—making it the perfect buckle choice for our beloved best friends! Automatic closure and reliable magnetic quick-release system uses a pull tab for easy on, and easy off, so you can always be adventure ready.

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